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Balancing Beam-Celebration Edition

Aids proprioception | Builds Focus and Concentration | Postural Control
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Age 16M+
Package Content 4 Coloured Planks, 4 Natural Planks & 8 Wooden Blocks
Holds Upto 40kgs Per Plank
Made of Imported Sturdy Wood
Warranty 6 months ( In case of Breakage)

Wooden Balance Beam 

The balance beam is an ideal tool to help children work on their sense of balance and development of equilibrium in a fun and playful manner.

Here are a few reasons why the balance beam is great addition to your child’s play space especially in these times when stepping out isn’t an option for many.

Aids proprioception  

Helps children understand their body's ability to movement, action and location. As the toddlers are in the age to explore themselves and their surroundings, these beams and bricks will serve as a perfect aid. 

Coordination and Balance 

These balancing beams will enable toddlers to learn coordination of their body. They will have to focus and learn how to think an action and manifest it into a movement using their muscles. Walking on these beams ensure children learn how to balance their body weight. 

Focus, concentration and core Strengthening

To use the beams and bricks the child needs to focus and concentrate. This being a light weighted play, it enables children to carry it around and build the path they want to. This involves a lot of focus, concentration and core strengthening.

Encourages social play 

When more than one child play together, they need to communicate, agree and disagree. This helps toddlers build their social skills. 

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