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Colour Sorting Stencil Puzzle

Visual discrimination | Develops memory | Enhances problem solving
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Age 30+ M
Package Content

Stencils- 12 

Colour Trays -4 

Control cards -15 

Total contents- 31

Made of Birchply wood

Sorting is an important cognitive skill for toddlers to develop. Not only does sorting help toddlers and preschoolers work on their fine-motor coordination and concentration, but it also aids with reading and numeracy later. 

This Unique Stencil Puzzle is one of its Kind. It comes with four Colour Trays, 12 Stencils and 15 control cards. 

Colour Sorting for Toddlers 

The idea of colour is an abstract concept for toddlers. Hence we follow the concept of isolation of concepts. These puzzles are clearly focused on colours, as the stencils are of the same size and the child's focus is clearly drawn towards the colour and the shape on the stencil. 

The Control cards ensure that the right stencil goes with the right colour tray. 


First introduce the child to the colours by just using the trays. 

Once the child has recognised a few colours. You can introduce them to the flash/control cards. Make them familiar with the names. 

After they are comfortable with a few cards give them the stencils of the cards you have introduced and the colour trays. Show them how to slide the stencils in and out.

You can start with just one colour and move to two. 

When the child becomes familiar with this concept of stencils and colour trays, you can encourage them to just place the stencil over the control cards for better coordination and fine motor practice. 

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Kiruthika Kiruthika - TAMIL NADU


Nivetha Kannan - TAMIL NADU


Debargha Basu - WEST BENGAL

It’s quite an interesting launch. I think you guys should extend this segment to include more things like animals, insects. Very good product and really happy with the product.

Prasanna Tolasati - TELANGANA


Nadisha James - GOA