Montessori Floor Bed - Semi Coloured

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Wooden Floor Bed

Many households across the world choose to put babies in cribs; however, cribs are confining, affect the development of their visual sense, hinder independence and are often safety hazards. The floor bed provides children with freedom of movement and the opportunity to experience independence.

Ease of Access in a Floor bed

Pre-crawling infants find it easier to visually observe their environment from the Montessori floor bed, unlike cribs and bassinets. Older babies can crawl or walk out after napping, explore their rooms and engage in activities without having to be helped or monitored. Babies can get in and out on their own - this leads to them choosing to get into bed when they are tired or sleepy. The Montessori floor bed eliminates risks from falling if they roll off or injuries when they climb in.  The floor bed encourages children to explore their environment and make new discoveries.

Boosting Confidence and self-esteem

Montessori floor beds help children feel respected as they don’t have to depend on the adult to get in and out of bed and this increases their self-esteem. Floor beds empower children by giving them control over their rest and waking up schedules. When you provide an environment with the floor bed, your child feels trusted and this in turn increases their trust in the world and in themselves. 

Decision making and problem solving 

The floor bed gives your child to choice to get out of bed and choose what they want to do encouraging decision making and problem solving at a young age. 

Floor beds help you child develop a healthy body scheme – the awareness of their body and its relationship with the outside world – they figure out where the edge is, how much they can roll and how to control their own body so they stay on the bed.

A floor bed also makes it easy for the parent to lie next to their child to feed or just for a cuddle – something that they can’t do in a crib.

While cribs can only be used for a short while, floor beds can be used for many years and there is no hassle of transitioning from a crib to a bed.


Pine wood


0 months - 9 years


Bed size - 70 * 140 cm

Weight - 23.5 kg

Matress size

Matress size - 70 * 140 cm

*Standard kids bed size

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