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Montessori Toddler Low Shelf-White

Sense of order | Independence | Freedom of choice
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Age 5 Months - 5 Years
Dimension 119.38 x 30.4 x 30.48 cm
Made of

Imported Sturdy Wood
Water based PU coat and Paint

Warranty 6

Montessori Toy shelf 

The Low Self  also called a Montessori toy shelf/Wooden toy shelf/Montessori Infant Shelf or Montessori open shelf  is an essential part of every Montessori classroom and home that follow the method. It is a low wooden shelf at the child’s height and is used to display toys or developmental aids according the child’s need and interest at that time. A unique feature of the low Montessori shelf is that it doesn’t have any doors and is designed in a manner that is open and accessible to even a slithering or crawling child. The rounded edges and purposefully done simple design ensure that your child’s fingers don’t get caught anywhere while accessing toys from this shelf.

Independent toddler 

This shelf will ensure independence of your toddler by offering them all the toys that they can choose from within their own comfort zone. It inculcates the habit of choosing and owning up to their choice. Also makes it easier for the child to put the toy back with out the help of the adult cultivating the habit of clean-up.  

Visually appealing Nursery 

A good toy shelf adds to the aesthetics of the nursery. This limits the number of toys that is out there for the child ensuring a clutter free space. With all the toy options clearly laid out to the child the process of selection becomes more easier  and child grows up to be more focused. 

**parental guidance necessary at all time 

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