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New Born Gift Set-3

Soothes aching gum | Aids grasping | Anti-bacteria and anti-fungal
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Age 4 months -18 months
Package Content
  • 1 Hexagon rattle 
  • 1 Tumbler rattle red
  • 1 Set of Grasping Beads
  • 4 Teethers
  • 1 Interlocking Discs
  • 1 Dumbbell with black rings rattle
Made of Neem wood

Baby Gift 

Neem Wood Teethers 

Hand crafted in naturally processed Neem Wood without any chemicals this is a perfect aid for your little one when they sprout new teeth.  

Wooden rattles 

Apart from being a soothing agent a good Rattle Develops Hand-Eye Coordination, Improves Fine-Motor skills and gives a sense of Sound and Direction.

Interlocking Disc 

Interlocking discs are a wonderful grasping toy. They are shaped rightly for the little hands to grasp and explore. It gives the child the age appropriate visual and tactile experiences. Pincer grasp, which is essential to hold a writing instrument or button shirts, develops as the child innocently plays away with this toy. When this toy is offered the baby moves to grasp it. This ensures a proper hand-eye coordination. Slowly the baby learns to explore by transferring the discs from one hand to another ensuring a complete wrist movement. It also doubles as a teether. Made from Neem wood this becomes a best teether for your champion. 

Grasping Beads 

This beautiful Montessori beads offers your little one a rich visual and tactile experience. When your baby wraps their fingers around the bead their need for grasping and mouthing is appeased. Made out of NEEM WOOD boosting immunity and rightly sized to ensure safety. 

**parental guidance necessary at all time 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Garima Gupta - DELHI


Tulasi Nagendra - ANDHRA PRADESH

My daughter likes very much these toys especially the rattle...😍

Tulasi Nagendra - ANDHRA PRADESH

The toys was amazing. My baby likes this toys very much.

Sujith Kanoor - KARNATAKA


Dichen Namdul - SIKKIM