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Complete gross Motor development 

This Gym ensures a complete development of large movement muscles like the legs, arms and torso. It makes your little one completely aware of their muscle movements, coordinate them smoothly and balance themselves effectively 

Boosting their confidence 

Your little one climbing the gym fearlessly ensures their psyche is loaded with confidence ensuring they venture into new tasks, fearless and excited. 

Cognitive development 

Mastering this gym is not just a physical task but a mental task as well. They need to strategize their moves in order to complete a task successfully. This improves their problem solving ability.  It boosts memory, improves concentration and helps develop their cerebral cortex


What runs in the mind of your child is a deep mystery. The fun they get out of imaginary play is limitless. This Jungle gym can transform from a castle to pirate ship in seconds ensuring creative thinking in those little but enormous brains. 


Steamed Beech Wood


3 + Years


L - 65" Inch

B - 52" Inch

H - 98" Inch

Do's & Don'ts



- Do Not Place The Gym In Direct Sunlight Or Drenched In Rain Continuously. Make Sure To Cover It After Play Time.


- Do Not Allow Any Moisture On The Gym. Make Sure To Wipe Any Water/Moisture With Cloth.


-the Screws And Knobs Are Metal Which Could Cause Some Rusting In The Long Run. Make Sure That The Screws And Knobs Do Not Have Any Water Drops. (This Can Be Avoided By Applying Some Coconut Oil On The Thread Of The Screw And Securing Them For Longer Durability).

Things To Know Before Buying Outdoor Gym

- Steam Beech Is A Hard Wood Is Natural.

- It Has High Density Fibres, Which Gives More Strength And Stability.

- It Is Prone To Cracks If Kept In Direct Sunlight / Heavy Rain. (Can Be Avoided If Placed In A Shaded Area)

- Cracks Formed Must Be Immediately Closed With Wood Fillers. (Can Be Addressed By A Carpenter)

- It Is Prone To Fungal Formation If The Item Is Exposed To Moisture. (Can Be Avoided If Cleaned And Maintained With A Dry Cloth And Allowed To Air Dry Immediately After Extreme Exposure To Rain / Moisture).

- Steam Beech Is A Moisture Absorbing Material. The Gym Has A Pu Coating. If There Is Any Damage To The Pu With A Scratch Or Dent, It Must Be Immediately Addressed By A Person With Basic Wood Finishing Knowledge.

- The Legs Of The Gym Should Be Placed  Without Direct Contact With Soil/ Sand / Moist Or Wet Soil.

- Placing Them In Moist Soil Would Cause The Wood To Decay And Reduce The Durability Of The Product. (Can Be Avoided If Placed In A Shaded Place With A Platform)

- Make Sure To Close the gym with a  Cover During Rain Or Sun Light When The Outdoor Gym Is Not In Use.

Note- The Product Is Made From Steam Beech Wood. Which Is Seasoned - Kiln Dried And Chemically Treated. It Is Important To Know That Wood Is A Natural Material And It Has Its Own Tendency To Reduce The Durability From The Original Supplied Product Upon Weather Changes, Moisture, Usage, Maintenance, Wear & Tear Of The Outdoor Gym

Weight Limit

Each rod can hold up to 40 kg

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