Push and Pull Wagon

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Need for movement 

Once your little one learns that their hands can be used for more than locomotion they explore by pushing and pulling objects. They tend to often push and pull objects that seem heavier to us. 

Maximum Effort 

 It is simply a time when the child is challenging the capabilities of their own body.If you have noticed your toddler trying to push furniture or wanting to carry heavy shopping bags or water cans, then they are going through this period of ‘maximum effort’.We can support this need by providing them with an outlet to use ‘maximum effort’. A walking wagon with something heavy inside provides a child with the experience of pushing and pulling in a safe and purposeful manner They also redirect the child from pushing other children or household things like furniture that shouldn’t be pushed.

 Transporting Schema 

The transporting schema is simply displayed as a tendency to move things around from one place to another. The walking wagon helps the child to practice this schema as they can use the walker to transport things from one part of the house to another.

They can also use the walking wagon to collect things from nature when they are going for a walk outside. The child is always looking for ways to participate in real like activities and the walking wagon can also be used for household activities like transporting cutlery from the kitchen to the dining area, wet laundry from the washing machine to the drying area and folded clothes to their wardrobe.

Creative play 

The blocks in our wagon are solid and is bigger than the regular blocks. This ensures that the baby can comfortably move the block with a firm grip and make wonderful towers that are sturdy. 


Imported Plywood 


Beech Wood


1 + Year


45 x 33 x 15 cm