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Wooden Nesting Bowls - Natural

Visual and spatial Perception | Language Development | Creative play
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Age 12 Months to 3 Years
Dimension 8.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm
Made of Beech Wood

Understanding Spatial relationships and sizes 

Nesting bowls can lay the foundation to understand sizes. By nesting the bowls your baby would be able to slowly understand the difference between sizes and the spaces they occupy. Over time and experimentation they gain perspective into how smaller objects fit into bigger objects but the vice versa isn't possible. This is nothing but their enhancement of problem solving and critical thinking

Grasp and release movement 

Grasp and release movements are crucial for various developmental aspects. Nesting bowls help your baby explore this. By grasping a bowl and releasing it they are working on Hand-eye coordination which leads to fine motor development. Fine motor development is required to master the usage of tools like pencil, chalks, spoons etc effortlessly. 

Numbers and Language skills 

Your child can begin counting with the nesting bowls. When an adult sits through the activity the language skills develop exponentially. You can introduce your little one to prepositions( in, over, under etc) and degrees of comparison( small, smallest, big, bigger etc) . 

Creativity and exploration 

Let the child explore in all ways possible. They can stack the cups, build different shapes or incorporate these bowls in pretend play. For very young children you can introduce two bowls in the beginning and slowly increase the complexity.

 **parental guidance necessary at all time 

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Very nice Product

Chitkala Dixit Mattur


Pririka Jain


Ann Jacob

At 9 months by daughter is chewing through it all but I'm at least assured that they're chew safe for the child. The finish has so much perfection and I'm super impressed.

I'm also extremely happy that Ariro doesn't have an endless lineup of products and have only a few handpicked and we'll thought out ones.

Extremely happy with the buy. Will be able to tell more once my daughter starts using the stacker as a stacker.