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Baby Floor Gym & Mobile

Tracking | Development of visual sense | Cognitive processing
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Age 0 - 6 months
Package Content
  • 1 Baby floor gym
  • 2 High-contrast cotton mobile elements that can also double as a soft toy for tummy time.
  • 1 Grasping wooden ring 
  • 4 High-contrast grasping beads (should always be strung together, NOT TO BE USED AS SEPARATE BALLS) 
  • 1 Wooden book with geometric shapes
Dimension 70 x 56 x 55 cm
Made of Neem and Beechwood

Wooden play gym 

is a perfect newborn equipment to help babies observe and understand the world around them. 

Baby gyms are perfect for hanging visual mobiles. Visual mobiles and other elements encourage your baby to track and observe them. Providing just the right amount of visual stimulation helps the development of the visual sense.

This gym is easy to assemble and store when not in use. It adds to the beautiful aesthetics of your nursery.  

What are the different things we can hang from it?

  • Visual mobiles – start with mobiles that have black and white elements, then move on to those with primary colors before introducing those with many colors.
  • Tactile mobiles – a simple wooden ring teether or light rattles can also be hung from the mobile – just ensure that it is secured well as your baby is quite likely to pull hard at it.
  • Elements from nature – leaves, flowers and feathers found in nature can also be hung from the play gym – this is a great way to bring the outdoor in.
  • Small plush or soft toys can be hung from the baby mobile.
  • Small wind chimes or dream catchers can also be hung from the baby mobile.
  • Simple and colorful scarves can be hung from the baby mobile.

Customer Reviews

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Shlaghya Vasista - KARNATAKA
Loved the product ❤️

I wish the toys you sent along be more colourful. They are lovely and having bright colours will make it more attractive for the baby is what I felt. 😊 Will order more in the future. Thank you.

Dear Shlaghya,

Babies perceive colour slightly differently than us. The perception of colour changes over time, but in initial stages start introducing the colours with black and white shades,

You can read more about it in our blog here

Vaishnavi G - TAMIL NADU


Dr Cristi Francis - TAMIL NADU


Zaiba Zainab - KERALA