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Learning tower-Natural

Involvement in Household activities | Parent-child Bonding time | Feeds curiosity and creativity
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Age 1.5 - 5 Years
Dimension 90.17 x 39.37 x 29.21 cm
Holds Upto 35 Kgs
Made of

Solid ply
Water based PU

Warranty 6

Kitchen helper 

Learning tower is an aid that allows  children to  do activities like brushing, washing, assist in Kitchen and counter activities independently 

Independence gives confidence and boosts the self esteem of your little one 

Children need to be as independent as they can be for their age. This independence liberates your little one by making them more confident ensuring they grow up to be a happy adult. 

Understanding and learning the environment 

Children need to be a part of an activity to understand, learn and do it one day. To make your child a part of your routine you must ensure that they see what you see. Helping a child see an activity from the adult's perspective gives a lot of clarity and calms your baby while you work. 

Quality and purposeful time with the adult for better parent child bonding 

Your child gets to spend more quality and purposeful time with you. This makes your bond with them better and stronger. This also gives your little one a better sense of belonging in the environment. 

Kindle their curiosity and creativity 

Letting them explore by giving them more possibilities feeds their creative brain and also answers a lot of questions in their curios little brain. 

**parental guidance necessary at all time 

Customer Reviews

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Sidharth kumar


Vithika Poddar



The product was well packed and safely arrived, the setup was pretty simple too with all the required tools on the bag itself!

The blackboard alone seems to be slightly smaller and hence falling out of the grooves, but should be fixable with a few paper wedges


Please make it easier for people outside india to order for their friends. For a U.K. resident making an INR purchase I had to pay in USD. Makes it needlessly expensive