Why Ariro?


Montessori Toddler Low shelf 

This sturdy Montessori toy shelf is finished smoothly to enhance the ease of accessibility for the child. 

Learning Tower

Learning tower is a helping aid that helps your child do activities like brushing, washing, cooking, baking and small counter activities with minimum help from you .

Balancing Board

Balancing board is believed to be a Waldorf creation and helps children with Gross motor development indoors. Such a simple creation with endless possibilities of play.


Central Office

 12, Mc Nichols Road, 4th Lane, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031.

Phone: 8939992452/ 9884983739

Email : help@arirotoys.com

How Ariro Toys ensures that children's developmental years are fun, safe and plastic-free

Ariro Toys in Chennai builds wooden toys for children between ages 0 and 3 that ensure maximum brain development. This is why they got started with these awesome plastic-free toys

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This husband-wife duo’s toy startup aids child development during the formative years

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Founded in 2018, Chennai-based toy startup, Ariro Wooden toys offer developmental toys like rattles, learning tower, and indoor gym, priced between Rs 200 and Rs 19,000.

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These women entrepreneurs are revisiting simpler days of childhood by reviving traditional Indian games

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Today, many mothers leave their children at the hands of gadgets so that they are not disturbed or even so that they eat without any fuss. Some of the adverse health effects of using these gadgets include diminished social communication skills and reduced quality of sleep. Additionally, for older children, time spent online also means physical inactivity that is imperative for mental and physical growth.

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