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Toddler Workstation

Ensures order | Posture control | Attention span
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Age 2-7 Yrs
Package Content
  • 1 Height Adjustable Table
  • 1 Chair 
Holds Upto 30 Kgs
Made of Sturdy Wood with Child safe paints
Warranty 3 Years Breakable Warranty

Montessori Table and Chair 

This toddler work table and chair is a perfect little piece of furniture that can be use by a child from 2yrs to 7yrs. The table's height is adjustable and hence can be used in three different levels as per the toddler's height. Made after 8 iterations, this table and chair, are perfect in design, strength and purpose. 

Benefits of having a toddler work space

 The toddler work space can be set up either in the child’s room, the living room or even next to the area where the parents work. It should be a clutter free space with the work shelf with about 6-8 developmentally appropriate activities and the work table and chair placed close to the shelf. 

Ensures order 
Toddlers thrive on order and having a designated work area builds into this sensitive period thereby enabling them to successfully navigate the environment.

Offers Freedom 

A child sized work table and chair provides children with the freedom to move their bodies and the furniture by themselves which further develops their self-confidence 

Posture and physical development

Using a table and chair that is specifically designed for their size is good for their posture and physical development.

Increases their attention span 

When toddlers have a work area designed for easy accessibility, it increases their interest in working with material as well as their attention span.A work table and chair set up in a quiet corner invites the toddler to sit and work on an activity or read by themselves, helping them to calm down and develop concentration.

Sense of belonging 

Having their own area for work makes toddlers feel a sense of belonging with the space as well as ownership for it.When toddlers have their own work chair and table. It encourages them to take care of it. We can set up practical life activities for wiping and cleaning the table and chair, fostering care for their environment in the toddler.

Sense of security and Confidence 

Having their own work chair and table builds a sense of predictability and consistency in the toddler. When they know where they must go if they want to work and having the work space always ready for them build a sense of security and confidence.When toddlers have their own work table and chair, they don’t have to depend on the adult to help them use it and thereby they get more independent which increase their self-esteem and trust in the world.

 Overall, the use of child-sized furniture in the Montessori method is intended to create an environment that is conducive to children's natural learning and development. By giving them own space to work in and furniture that is developed for them, we aren’t just helping their physical development but creating an environment promotes  their psychological, emotional and intellectual growth.


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