Wooden Bus

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Simple Push toy 

A simple push toy with Wheels will excite your little toddler like no other. They are physically and mentally helping them develop their senses 

Motor Skills 

Holding the vehicle and moving around ensures Gross-Motor Skills the big muscle  movements.  Holding on to it and pushing it ensure the Hand-eye coordination that in turn helps develop Fine-motor skills. Fine motor is an essential component that helps children later use tools like pen, pencil, scissors etc

Spatial Skills  

A push toy like this requires your little one to think where to push the toy? how to push? will it fit in where it is going? These questions help them understand the space and encourages them to make decisions accordingly. Thus they understand how space works and are also simultaneously putting on their thinking caps. 


Vehicle toys the best Pretend play buddies. They open a window to myriad imaginations and brings immense toy to your little one. You can also guide them by instructing directions and talk about colors. This also ensures an enrichment of vocabulary. 



Rubber Wood


6 + Months


18 x 6 x 7.5 cm

160 Grams

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