Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads
Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads
Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads
Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads
Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads
Teethers - Wooden Grasping Beads

Wooden Grasping beads

₹. 212.00
GST Included

Shipped within 24 -48 Hours
Age 4 months -12 months
Dimension 3.5 x 5.4 x 5.4 cm
Made of Neem Wood
Max Weight

A Pleasing,Grasping and Mouthing toy 

This beautiful Montessori beads offers your little one a rich visual and tactile experience. When your baby wraps their fingers around the bead their need for grasping and mouthing is appeased. Made out of NEEM WOOD boosting immunity and rightly sized to ensure safety. 

Offered to a 4-Months old baby 

At about 4 months your tiny tot develops the grasping reflex. Presenting them with an authentic aid ensures a smooth transition from involuntary to voluntary grasping 

 Cognitive Processing 

When babies calculate the distance between their hands and the aid as well as how to move their hands to reach the aid, there is a lot of cognitive processing happening in the brain and we want to encourage this. 

Multiple benefits of this Optimum toy 

This toy offers visual and tactile experiences that are developmentally appropriate for your baby it provides opportunity for safe sensorial exploration of an object. It offers initial experiences of hand eye coordination through reaching and grasping. Encourages your baby to rotate their wrists, to reach out and move their hands and helps them realize what their hands can do. Helps your baby to transfer from one hand to another and Improves your baby’s motor dexterity 

DIY It is! 

We give the flexibility of altering the number of beads and the length of the toys as per the requirements of the baby. You can ideally begin by offering three beads initially and increase as the baby grows up. 

** Parental guidance required at all time 


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