Rebecca Manari

Jun 06, 2020

Everyone knows I'm super picky about toys. I am often faced with strange looks when I tell people I don't buy any toys for my baby. But the fact is- babies don't need toys. Everything they get their hands on, turns into a toy.
But when I saw the simple stuff that @arirotoys has, I knew I wanted to buy something from them. I was tired of him chewing on the TV remote and thought buying him a couple of things he can call his own, may help. I bought #arirotoys classic wooden rattle and a set of interlocking disks which is a wooden Montessori baby toy with two disks that are placed together at a 90 degree angle. It's a fantastic little wooden toy that is suitable for babies starting at a young age. They came in this sweet little cloth bag.
I love that they are made of neem wood, and that the rattle is soft and pleasant to hear and that it seems to be completely closed. I can't really find a joint anywhere on it. It's super safe, and a lovely classic design.