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Pikler arch - What & how to use it

Mar 30, 2021

The Pikler Arch is the child’s first climbing frame and is ideal for a child to pull up to stand and to start their climbing journey. Since it is used as a climber, it is sometimes also called the Montessori Climber. Apart from climbing, the Piker Arch can be turned around and used as a rocker, earning it the name of Pikler Arch Rocker. The Pikler Arch can be used on its own or in combination with the Pikler Triangle.

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Sometimes also called the Pikler Arch Rocker, the Pikler Arch supports the child’s need for gross motor movement within the safety of staying indoors.

Climbing is a natural human instinct and the Pikler arch nurtures this instinct and also supports the child’s need for exploration.

The Pikler arch rocker is an excellent tool for your child to develop their muscles and body control.

Climbing the Pikler Arch involves trial and error and safe risk-taking which teaches your child to face their fears and challenges that come their way.

Climbing on the bars of the Montessori Climber gives children a sense of position of their body in space thereby developing spatial awareness

When children climb the Pikler arch, it builds their self-confidence and improves their self-esteem.

The Pikler arch rocker also gives children opportunities to use all the limbs of their body and develop core muscle strength.

You child’s brain treats climbing the Pikler Arch like a puzzle to be solved and the cognition involved in climbing teaches them to think logically and solve problems

Climbing the Pikler Arch rocker also builds your child’s whole-body coordination and agility

When your child climbs the Montessori Climber, at an early age, it teaches them to adapt to new or unknown environments, and encourages goal setting, determination, and planning.

Climbing the Pikler Arch also develops the vestibular system i.e. aids in the body’s sense of balance as well as in proprioception i.e. awareness of the position and movement of the body

As they climb the Montessori Climber, children develop dexterity and improve their hand grip strength – this later results in a better pencil hold leading to superior handwriting skills.

Apart from building core strength, using the Pikler Arch Rocker also increases stamina and flexibility.

Most of all, climbing the Pikler Arc or Montessori Climber brings joy, is great fun and releases all the pent-up energy in a productive manner


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How to use the Pikler Arch

1. The Pikler Arch can be placed upright and used by the child to climb on or it can be turned around and used to rock. In either of the cases, it is good to have a soft and firm mat under the Pikler Arch to ensure utmost safety.

2. Always be around and supervise when you child is using the Pikler Arch.

3. The Pikler Arch is an open-ended toy – let your child initiate the play and decide how to use it. Don’t insist that the climb it before they are ready to try on their own.

4. Show your child how to take care of their Pikler Arch by setting up a practical life activity with a sponge and cloth. When they participate in caring for their Pikler Arc, they will value it more and use it safely.

5. Observe your child playing on the Pikler Arch before interrupting and offering suggestion or stopping them. Children know their body the best and don’t usually take risks that they can’t manage.

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