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Why are rainbow stackers a great toy to buy?

Jan 17, 2024

Why are rainbow stackers a great toy to buy?
-Aishwarya Dwarakanath (Montessori guide & consultant)
Giving toys to toddlers can be challenging. Should one opt for educational toys or new sensory experiences? How durable is the toy and will the family use it for long? Fret not, Ariro has got your back!

Rainbow Stackers are a great addition to any toy collection! They are frequently seen in many Montessori and non-Montessori homes. Don't miss out on the fun and educational benefits they offer. Are they worth it? Absolutely!

What is a rainbow stacker?

A rainbow stacker is a puzzle that requires stacking several colourful arcs in ascending order to make a rainbow. These stackers are typically constructed from wood or plastic and are available in the seven colours of the rainbow, namely violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The pastel rainbow stacker is also a popular choice- and a personal favourite at Ariro!

Rainbow Stacker

Why is a rainbow stacker loved by toddlers, parents and educators?

Open-ended toy + Complete Puzzle
An open-ended toy is any toy that allows for exploration without a predetermined end goal. Open-ended toys leave a lot to the child's imagination and creativity, such as plain wooden blocks, sticks, and even sand. The Rainbow Stackers are a great example of an open-ended toy that encourages exploration and creativity. They can be used as bridges, tunnels, mazes, fences for farm animals, or even tracks for marbles to run on! Additionally, the Rainbow stacker is also a puzzle that can be easily completed by a toddler who is working on their stacking skills.

Aesthetic and inviting
The Rainbow Stackers are undeniably beautiful. They can brighten up your child's play area and add a splash of colour to your home. The pastel colours of Ariro's rainbow stackers are pleasant and not too overpowering, making them a wonderful decorative piece for any home. While the stackers themselves are inviting, what will help your toddler use them well is to bring them out and place them on a shelf or stool at eye level, ensuring that nothing is obstructing them from being able to pick the pieces and use them themselves.

Encourages Repetition
The Ariro Rainbow Stackers are of two variations- one with 8 pieces and the other with 12 pieces. The limited number of pieces encourages the child to try out the activity again and again. It also encourages them to try variations and use the stackers for open-ended exploration.

Visual Discrimination- Size
Stackers help kids learn size differences experientially, a fundamental aspect of math. Precise arc proportions let children differentiate sizes at a glance.
Promotes Spatial Awareness
Rainbow stackers teach children about spatial relationships and how to predict how different pieces fit together. This helps them develop a better understanding of space and geometry.

rainbow stacker

Improves Hand-eye coordination
Placing each piece accurately on the stack promotes hand-eye coordination. Children must visually guide their hands to pick up the pieces and place them in a specific location, enhancing the coordination between their visual perception and hand movements.

Fine Motor Skill development
The Rainbow Stackers help a child work on their fine motor skills like using different hand grasps, careful movements of the fingers to balance and stack, and encourages uses of both hand simultaneously.

When children encounter challenges such as an unstable stack or difficulty fitting pieces together, they engage in problem-solving. These problem-solving activities stimulate spatial thinking as they adjust their approach to achieve a stable and well-balanced stack.

Be it role-play, creating miniature life scenarios or just trying out different patterns and arrangements, the rainbow stackers surely encourage and stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.


Why Ariro's Rainbow Stacker?

Designed to perfection by Montessori Experts, Ariro is dedicated to creating safe, beautiful and fun toys for babies and toddlers that follow the Montessori principles as well. The team has trained Montessori guides and consultants with years of experience working with children.
The rainbow stackers are created with mathematical precision and suitable to the little hands of toddlers.
- Dimension ( L x B x H in cm): 40 x 7 x 20
- Product Weight: 2.2 Kgs

Made from Neem Wood and finished with pleasing colours using child-safe paint
Wooden toys provide a sensorial experience with respect to weight and texture. Ariro’s Rainbow Stackers are made from quality neem wood and coated with child-safe paint, making these toys suitable for the hands (and mouths) of your little ones.
The edges of the toy are also smooth and provide a pleasant experience to toddlers to play with.

Rainbow Stackers are not only fun, but they also foster multiple developmental skills simultaneously. These versatile toys provide a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience, making them valuable tools for early childhood development.