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Why are wooden books ideal for toddlers?

Jun 27, 2022

Why are wooden books ideal for toddlers? - Ariro Toys

 (Author Ms.Nithya Ramachandran - Montessori Guide and Consultant)  

 In our previous blog post (reading to babies), we have discussed the need and benefits of reading to and with babies. One of the most common responses from parents is that babies put the books into their mouth or that they tear the book. While these are developmentally appropriate ways for your children to sensorially explore the books, here is an alternative – wooden books.
Books with wooden pages and printed with child safe ink are specially designed for very young babies but are fun for even toddler and older children to explore. Let’s look at some of the benefits of these unique books.



Since the pages are wooden instead of paper, you can give them to your child without the worry of them tearing it. No matter how they hold the book, turn in around, drop it down and pick it up again, it will stay intact.

Used during tummy time

Wooden books can be displayed on the shelf open as well as propped up open on the floor for tummy time. We discuss tummy time and its benefits in our blog here. (tummy time blog)

Enables independence

The durable nature of the book and the firmness of each page allows children to easily hold the book and turn its pages, thus putting them on a path to independent exploration and learning.

Rich sensorial experience

These books are a treat to all the sense of the child who is a sensorial learner. The feel of the wooden pages in their hands, the sound the pages make against each other, the realistic and visually appealing images printed on the book are sure to interest even the child who may not have yet shown an interest in books.  The books are even safe for your child to mouth.

Simple and clear

The illustrations are realistic, developmentally appropriate and just one in each page, thereby meeting the child where they are at. Moreover the open-ended nature of the book with just one illustration per page, no distracting background and no words, makes it a conversation starter and object of discussion.
Wooden books make the perfect choice as a child’s first book. Their sturdiness makes them ideal for newborns and young babies to explore and take their first steps into the world of reading and literature.