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Why Wooden animal Figurines?

Nov 17, 2021

Why Wooden animal Figurines? - Ariro Toys

Toys that resemble animals have existed since the invention of toys. Children derive much joy when they engage with these toys, and it is a pleasure and privilege to observe them play with it. The Ariro Wooden farm animal toys not only look gorgeous and enhance the aesthetic value of your child’s play space but also offer multiple benefits. Let’s explore some of these benefits below.

  1. Open ended

The wooden farm animal toys are as open ended as they come – this means that children can choose to play with them however they please. They can play with them individually or together and they can also combine them with other toys and play.

  1. Kindle creativity and imagination

The farm animal toys invite the child to use their own creativity and imagination while playing. Children may become farmers and take care of the animals in their pretend farm, use them for role play or weave them into the stories they tell.

  1. Aid language development

These toys encourage children to verbalize and engage with them whether they choose to play with them on their own or with other children. Apart from just knowing the names of the animals, they can be used to learn animal sounds, animal homes, animal food and animal young ones.

  1. Aid in development of movement

As these wooden farm animal toys can be carried anywhere and used on various surfaces – on the floor, on the table or even outside – they aid in gross motor development. The way the farm animal toys are required to be help and moved around also improve hand grip and aid fine motor development.

  1. Sensory and tactile experience

The wooden nature of these toys allows children to experience their texture and form. They can be combined with sensory bins for exploration and even used with art materials to trace around and model with.

  1. Helps develop compassion and empathy

Pretend play with farm animals helps children develop a nurturing spirit and compassion. When they take care of their farm animals in play, it also helps them empathize and grow compassionate towards all living beings.

  1. Ideal as learning and teaching tools

The farm animals as beneficial for directed learning as they are for open ended play. They can be used to teach concepts around the farm, as aids for counting, for phonics, in combination with books or as aids for oral storytelling.