Sliders - Classic Ball Slider
Sliders - Classic Ball Slider
Sliders - Classic Ball Slider
Sliders - Classic Ball Slider
Sliders - Classic Ball Slider

Classic ball slider

₹. 1,232.00
GST Included

Shipped within 24 -48 Hours
Age 1 Year to 3 Year
Dimension 26 x 9.5 x 24.8 cm
Made of

Rubber Wood 
Organically Lacquered Color Balls

Max Weight

Montessori Tracking Toy 

What is more fun for a baby than seeing colorful balls slide? This toy isn’t only engaging, but it hits all the right Montessori notes. When baby sees the colored balls sliding from the top, they are learning cause and effect, and it’s extremely captivating.

Cognitive Development  

Understanding how the toy works is the first activity . It brings about many tiny enjoyable challenges for your little munchkin.  By the time they have understood the dynamics of this toy their brain sure has been exercised to simulate their problem solving abilities.  

Fine Motor development, the key to use tools 

When your little one holds, picks up and slides a ball across they are working on their fine motor skills with agility. This skill is crucial for them to use tools like pencil, chalk, scissors etc in future. 

A perfect aid to language development 

The child has endless language possibilities here. Colors, numbers, preposition are a few that we can name. However the list can be endless. 

**parental guidance necessary at all time 

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