First Montessori kit

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First Montessori kit 

At about 4 Months our little ones begin to voluntarily grasp and mouth objects. Equipping them with the right toy becomes essential to suffice this need and ensure optimum benefits.  The ideal order in which we can give these toys to the child is as follows 

Montessori Grasping beads 

This beautiful Montessori beads offers your little one a rich visual and tactile experience. When your baby wraps their fingers around the bead their need for grasping and mouthing is appeased. Made out of NEEM WOOD for boosting immunity and rightly sized to ensure safety. 

Montessori Interlocking discs 

The interlocking disc opens new grasping possibilities for the child. It helps the child with transfer movements from one hand to another and enhances their pincer grip. 

Wooden Dumbbell rattle 

This rattle helps your child move from plain grasping and encourages them to hold and rattle the toy in order to enjoy the sounds created by it. They become aware of the capabilities of the toy and the different textures it beholds. 

Wooden bell Rattle 

The child now becomes aware of the his gripping and is more enthusiastic to try out new objects to hold and explore. This rattle's small handle is more testing and its different sound from the rest of the kit ensures to kindle the curiosity.  

** Parental guidance is required at all time 

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