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Everything about Ariro's Boat Rocker!

Jul 19, 2021


Who doesn’t like to sit and rock on a rocking chair? If adults love the rocking rhythm so much, then imagine the young child. That is why we designed the boat rocker - a fun rocking toy made for the child to enjoy the joys of childhood. 

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The most important part of any children’s rocker is a stable base. The boat rocker is made of solid wood, has a wide seat and is reinforced from the sides. Your child can rock and play without a care in the world, and you can be assured that they are having a great time but staying safe. 

The quirky and gender-neutral design as well as the rounded edges and comfortable seat, invites your child to get right in and begin exploring their boat rocker. 

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Besides being loads of fun, the boat rocker also helps with improving balance and equilibrium. When children use the boat rocker, they have to figure out how to make it move and this involves core muscle and well as those of the upper body and legs. These muscles get strengthened in the process without the child even realizing that they are exercising. Rocking stimulates the vestibular system, therefore aiding in developing a sense of balance. 

The boat rocker is built to accommodate any exploration and adventure that your child might seek from it. The design encourages imagination and open- ended play. The back-and-forth movement of a the boat rocker gives a child an experiential lesson on rhythm and oscillations. Children can explore how it feels to move slow and move fast as well as what happens during the transitions between these speeds. You can help your child with this by counting along, clapping along or singing rhythmic songs to match their rocking.

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Playing on the boat rocker can stimulate your child’s senses and increase their awareness of their own body. Since your child has control over how fast or slow they go, it gives them control over their play, gives them agency and helps them feel empowered.


The boat rocker is a great way for a child to release any pent up energy and calm down. Rocking has a calming effect and helps children feel secure and relaxed. The rocking movement may help regulate the heart rate. Research also links rocking with good blood circulation. 


The boat rocker encourages independent play. As it is designed for one child, it motivates your child to start figuring it out by themselves, thereby leading to an increase in the time they spend on their own. This in turn leads to an increase in self-esteem and confidence and the ability to keep themselves engaged and fruitfully occupied. 

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Overall, boat rockers promise hours of fun and is likely to become your child’s favourite toy. As they sit on it and rock away – whom will they be – a sailor, a pilot, a bike race driver, a jockey, an astronaut or someone we can’t even imagine yet?