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Montessori Toddler Activities to try at home: Doll/ Toy Wash

Montessori Toddler Activities to try at home: Doll/ Toy Wash

What you will need

  • Two basins big enough to fit most of the toys your child owns
  • A small bottle with non-toxic, child-friendly washing liquid or powder
  • A small sized mug
  • A small sized bucket
  • A thick towel to wipe hands
  • Another towel/napkin to wipe the wet toy
  • Child-sized apron
  • A small nail brush (optional)
  • A washable toy


Set up

  • Always set up activities on a child sized table or on the floor
  • Set up the activity in this way

  • Ask your child to wear their apron
  • Show your child how to fill up water in the mug and pour it into both basins (this may involve two trips to the water source)
  • In basin 1, show your child how to dissolve the soap – basin 2 will have clean water

  • Dunk the toy into the soapy water in basin 1 and scrub with the nail brush id needed (make sure to take turns and involve your child in every step)

  • Dunk the toy into clean water to rinse all the soap off

  • Place the toy on the towel and dry it by enveloping it with the towel
  • Your child can wash a few more toys till the water in the basins is usable

  • Once the water gets dirty, show your child how to pour out the water from the basins into the bucket
  • Show your child how to carry the bucket to a drain on the floor level and empty it out

  • If your child still shows interest, show them how to wind up the activity by wiping the basins and mug and putting things away.


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